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Spreading our footprints around the globe, Asterix Kraftworks does not disappoint. With thousands of exhibition stands for hire and amazing exhibition stand ideas, we have successfully completed many projects. We have in our fold many successful and famous projects including Panasonic CABSAT, Dubai; KDK MEE Stand 2017; Canon CABSAT Dubai, 2017; Canon GITEX Stand, 2017; Canon CABSAT, Dubai 2018; Huawei GITEX Shopper, 2018; Costa Rica Gulfood, Dubai 2018; Chile Gulfood, Dubai; Argentina Beef Gulfood, Dubai 2018.

Panasonic Intersec, 2019; Seegene Medlab Exhibition Stand, 2019; Turkey Pavilion Eisenwarenmesse – International Hardware Fair Cologne; Tunisian Olive Oil Gulfood Stand, Dubai; Transveritas Gulfood Stand; Beckman Coulter, Dubai; and Sony Xposure Stand, Sharjah Expo Centre. Not only have we successfully completed these amazing projects, but we have also done so with pride and confidence. Offering you exceptional Exhibition Stand services and an amazing team of professionals, Asterix Kraftworks is no joke and we are bound to offer you the best services while completing project in style!

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