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With a high success rate, it does not come as a surprise to our customers that we are the best in stage event management. By offering our customers hundreds of event stages to buy, we do not disappoint. Asterix Kraftworks has successfully completed its projects since its advent 27 years ago. Believing in providing the best for our customers and working hard to reach the top position we are in today; our work speaks for us.

We are here to tell you about the amazing event stages battle-cats projects we have successfully completed. Projects like MIDEA Game Changers Meet, 2018; Middle East Watch and Jewelry Show, Sharjah 2019; Sharjah FDI Forum Summit, 2019; Toyota Associates Day, 2020; CDA Masoor Bin Mohammed Short Film Awards; Beckman Coulter Achievement Award Night; Panasonic B2B Strategy; and Shalina Community Get Together. 2020; have been our latest event stages for sale. We have successfully organized them and rightfully earned our place at the top of our industry in the UAE.

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